Our Mission
GREEN aims to conduct and promote research at the intersection of the spatial of socio-economic phenomena and of climate change, transportation, environmental policy and energy markets.

News & Events

Bocconi University
27/11/2020 h.09.00
How to Achieve SDGs Through Local Action
GREEN-UERA International Workshop. Submission deadline: 30 June 2020
Bocconi University
14/07/2020 h.09.30
Digital Services for Circular Economy in the Construction Sector
The webinar will present "CINDERELA One-Stop Shop", the new digital business environment for actors involved in value chains for urban construction works with the use of secondary raw materials recovered from local/regional waste streams.
Using the Train is Green
The train of (sustainability) thoughts: the railways' payback. Analysis by Oliviero Baccelli
The Real Costs of Electric Mobility
"According to the experts, the cost differential compared to endothermic motor vehicles will be reduced in a short time until it is zeroed out." Article by Oliviero Baccelli