Our Mission
GREEN aims to conduct and promote research at the intersection of the spatial of socio-economic phenomena and of climate change, transportation, environmental policy and energy markets.

News & Events

29/11/2021 h.10.00
Smart cities in time of resilience
The aim of this meeting is to stimulate the debate on the concept of resilience in a perspective that is not only abstract, but also operational, in order to guide the evolution of the city in the light of the current pandemic crisis. The workshop is held on the occasion of the publication of the book “Smart cities in time of resilience” edited by Giuseppe Franco Ferrari
Wired Future Lab - Sustainable Transitions
Wired Future Lab, 22 November 2021. Circular economy and energy transition: the future of our planet is bonded to success. Interview with Gabriele Grea.
Room B, via Sarfatti 25, Milan
23/11/2021 h.10.00
Public-Private Synergies, Ecological Transition and Urban Regeneration
The seminar is organized by UPEL and Fondazione Enti Locali with the scientific contribution of the Observatory on Public Procurement and Sustainability of the Centre GREEN, Università Bocconi.
16/11/2021 h.11.00
Scenarios and perspectives of the electrification of public road transport through an innovative benchmark analysis
The aim of the meeting is to present the results of the research commissioned by Enel Foundation and animate the debate with the main stakeholders.