CERRE Studies and Policy Papers

IEFE is a founding member of the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) (http://www.cerre.eu/), a European foundation set up in 2010 to promote robust and consistent regulation in European network industries. CERRE's members are regulatory authorities and operators in those industries, as well as universities. CERRE studies are a key part of the activities developed by IEFE 


March 2014
Regulating Smart Metering in Europe: Technological, Economic and Legal Challenges
by Guido Cervigni and Pierre Larouche


November 2013
Generation Capacity Adequacy in Europe: What Economic Rationale for Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms?
by Guido Cervigni


November 2012
A Target Model for the European Gas Market
by Guido Cervigni


April 2011
Investments on transport infrastructures for natural gas and electricity
by Clara Poletti, Guido Cervigni, Anna Creti and Silvia Vignetti