07/10/2020 h.15.00
Facility management and digital technologies for smart building at times of Covid-19
The workshop will involve a number of operators, technology solution providers and experts, to present the advantages of innovative solutions in the phase of restart read
17/09/2020 h.17.00
Senti che aria tira
The webinar will present the results of a study on air pollution, sustainable mobility and transport habits carried out by Altroconsumo, with the scientific support of GREEN Bocconi and funding from Regione Lombardia. read
15/09/2020 h.14.30
The Green Economy for the development of the Alpine arch
The workshop will present the results of a study on indicators and potential development of the Alpine areas, carried out by GREEN in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea read
Circular Economy for the aftermath
Cities are playing an increasing role in global competition. The choices of where to live and place production activities are no longer focused on countries, but on cities. In this context, Milan is the only true global city in Italy. Article by Edoardo Croci read
Ricci S.p.A. and the Green Economy Observatory for Sustainability in Construction
The focus of the synergy will be on a pilot site in Milan. Ricci SpA and GEO will closely examine indicators 9 and 12 of the SDGs read
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