Workshops & Conferences

21/12/2020 h.14.30
Redesigning urban spaces to ensure well-being and health in the Covid era
Online workshop of the Smart City Observatory. read
15/12/2020 h.14.30
The contribution of local actors to the implementation of the European strategy for the circular economy
Online workshop of the Green Economy Observatory - Joint meeting: Policy table and Management table read
Online conference
27/11/2020 h.09.00
How to achieve SDGs through local action
Bocconi GREEN, in collaboration with the Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) and the Journal of Urban Ecology, has launched the Call for Papers: "How To Achieve SDGs Through Local Action". Selected papers will be presented at a online conference on 27th November 2020 read
10/11/2020 h.10.00
The prospects of Lombardy in the context of the new Global Value Chains
Online conference on the expected developments in the transport infrastructure sector in Lombardy, in the context of the new Global Value Chains. Among the participants: Prof. O. Baccelli. read
30/10/2020 h.10.00
Economic evaluation of the social benefits of district heating in Italy and Lombardy
Free online workshop organized by Smart City Observatory (GREEN and Angelo Sraffa Dept. of Legal Studies) in collaboration with A2A Calore & Servizi read
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