Workshops & Conferences

18/10/2021 h.14.00
The role of energy communities in the transition to smart and sustainable cities
The meeting aims to address and discuss the main issues for the development of energy communities in Italy, with the contribution of the world of research, institutions, regulation and companies active on the subject. read
14/10/2021 h.14.30
The new certification protected environment according to the PDR UNI 107: 2021
The event - organized in collaboration with Pool Ambiente and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – will present and discuss the new reference standard UNI 107: 2021 "Protected Environment - Guidelines for the prevention of damage to the environment - Technical criteria for effective management of environmental risks", which defines the guidelines for effective prevention of damage to the environment and for the protection of natural resources in relation to specific risk scenarios applicable to organizations, as well as for the relative mitigation. read
07/10/2021 h.17.00
Containment of litigation in public procurement: the Dispute Adjudication Board
Online event organized by Camera Arbitrale di Milano on the role of the Dispute Adjudication Board (Collegio Consultivo Tecnico). read
06/10/2021 h.11.00
Infrastructure and Development: New Perspectives, New Solutions to Recover from the Covid-19 crisis
At the occasion of Think20 (T20), G20 summit, the workshop is organized along the release of INTERSECTING, Sustainable responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, an innovative book and a project initiated by the Global Solutions Initiative, with 96 co-authors from across G20 countries. Join high-level experts from a uniquely diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines, to propose and discuss new ways to build and implement sustainable responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, through new infrastructure and development perspectives. read
30/09/2021 h.16.00
Climate protection as a constitutional right
L'evento ha l'obiettivo di stimolare il confronto ed il dibattito sul valore costituzionale della tutela del clima, coinvolgendo esperti in ambito giuridico, di policy e i rappresentanti delle nuove generazioni. read
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