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Digital Services for Circular Economy in the Construction Sector
| Bocconi University

| 14/07/2020 h.09.30
Digital Services for Circular Economy in the Construction Sector

During the webinar we would like to present a new digital platform with multiple services called CINDERELA One-Stop-Shop, or CinderOSS in short.

CinderOSS is dedicated to companies involved in the construction or waste management sectors, who seek new business opportunities from using secondary raw materials (SRM) originating from different waste streams as input material for urban construction works.

CinderOSS is aimed to save time and money making it easy for companies to find resources that are necessary to create value for their customers, establish buyer-supplier relationships and define optimal markets.

We will be presenting the overall concept of the CinderOSS and, in particular, its three digital services:

-Business Finder: enabling establishing buyer-supplier relations to build value chains based on regional/local resources and seek for optimal markets.

-Marketplace: enabling buying and selling certified SRMs and a spatial analysis of optimal markets depending on the incidence of transportation costs.

-Consultancy Services: providing access to useful information and documents “all you should know about” to start running a new business model based on the use of secondary raw materials for construction purposes structured in search blocks (Production & Construction, R&D, Market & Legislation).

Would such a digital platform as CinderOSS help you? We are not sure yet. Our 2 hour webinar should help us figure that out.

The webinar is free of charge and will be hold in English.

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