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Oliviero Baccelli interviewed by SkyTG24
The "Autostrade case" inflames the political debate. An advantageous proposal is awaited, otherwise the concession will be revocated. An ultimatum that comes after the decision of the Consulta to declare legitimate the exclusion of "Autostrade" from the reconstruction of the Genoa bridge. read
Interview to Marco Percoco by RaiNews24
Italian infrastructures and transport networks (VIDEO) read
Using the Train is Green. The Railway's Payback
"The impact of the train versus the plane is one to ten" — the progress of the rolling stock and the challenges for the elettric from renewable sources explained by professor Baccelli. Analysis by Oliviero Baccelli read
The Real Costs of Electric Mobility
"According to the experts, the cost differential compared to endothermic motor vehicles will be reduced in a short time until it is zeroed out." Article by Oliviero Baccelli read
Circular Economy: posidonia purified and transformed into compost
GREEN Bocconi is estimating the social value of new approach to coastal management with the re-use seagrass (Posidonia Oceanica) according to circular economy principles. The project has been funded by Marevivo Association thanks to a donation by Pramerica SGR. read
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