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Covid19 / When and how will the air transport sector take off again?
The international air transport sector, a symbol in itself of the freedom of movement, is facing a deep recession, explains in this video Oliviero Baccelli, professor of transport economics & policy at Bocconi, with 55% of revenues disappearing by year end - and European airlines set to be hit even harder (VIDEO) read
Is another Happy Hour possible?
Declarations by Marco Percoco for an article about Milan published by il Venerdì di Repubblica read
Interview to Marco Percoco by TG Leonardo
(VIDEO) read
Lombardy, deciding all by itself, risks crashing
In the most covid-19 affected region, Governor Fontana takes zigzag, contradictory and in splendid isolation from the national context initiatives. The most recent is an app to track only the citizens of its territory. A nonsense, states Professor Polo in an article for read
The new Coronavirus also affects the consumption of energy
The terrible tragedy caused by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is affecting significantly the performance of the Italian economy with the reduction in consumption of goods and services. Among these, the consumption of energy is no exception. read
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