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Italy's future runs on rail
With the Recovery Fund lunched by the European Union, there is room for new investments in railways (and there is a great need for it). Interview to Marco Percoco read
Interview to Marco Percoco by CNBC Caffè Affari
"Who gains from ASPI's new corporate structure? The Government, Atlantia or Security?" Interview to Marco Percoco (VIDEO) read
Autostrade: time to go to market
After finding the new ownership structure for Aspi, it is time to think of a strategy for the motorway concession market. If concessions were more and smaller in size, they would give more guarantees on both maintenance and safety. Article by Marco Percoco read
The Crux of the Concession to Autostrade
Autostrade, the government will not be able to manage the network forever: more decisive political intervention would be needed. Interview to Marco Percoco (VIDEO) read
Road Transport is Crucial for Italy, but Government has no Strategy
"Investments are absolutely necessary, but rather than building new infrastructures, the existing ones should be improved". Interview to Marco Percoco read
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