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Environment, is Colao plan's fate sealed?
The Colao plan contains stimulating proposals on environmental policy, including carbon tax, that can be financed by European resources. Still, the Italian government doesn't seem very interested in accepting its suggestions, affirm M. Galeotti and A. Lanza. read
Rethinking Urban Mobility
Marco Percoco is member of the UNECE-WHO task force, that is developing a set of principles for a green, healthy and sustainable mobility in world cities read
Valentina Bosetti in the Tirole Blanchard Commission
The group of 26 economists will advise President Macron on climate, inequality and demography read
Competitive Market and Investments
"In a competitive market more investments are needed" states Olivero Baccelli interviewed by Il Sole 24 Ore read
Covid-19: flights will be more expensive
Dialogue between states in Europe is essential to avoid distortion of competition. Oliviero Baccelli interviewed by RSI read
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