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Covid-19: flights will be more expensive
Dialogue between states in Europe is essential to avoid distortion of competition. Oliviero Baccelli interviewed by RSI read
Coronavirus, Milan swamped by the economic crisis
"Thinking about relaunching Milan through cycle paths and kick scooters is madness, it only serves the inhabitants of the centre" -explains Marco Percoco- "Reducing the public transport means making the social costs of the reopening fall on the shoulders of the poorest. And this risks being a time bomb for social cohesion" read
Sustainability is the key to recovery
Edoardo Croci, coordinator of the Green Economy Observatory at Bocconi University, declares: "post lockdown recovery can be an opportunity only if it aims at sustainability". read
Network traffic: photography of Italy in lockdown
During the lockdown period, a sharp increase in traffic on fixed and mobile telecommunications networks has been registered. It is as if Italy had done an accelerated digital refresher course. Will the new habits resist when things will return to normal? read
Valentina Bosetti Chairman at Terna Spa
Valentina Bosetti, Full Professor of Environmental Economics at Bocconi, recently appointed as Chairman at Terna Rete Elettrica Nazionale SpA. read
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