GREEN Seminars

Seminar Room 2.E4.SR03
07/11/2019 h.12.30
Disruptive Innovation and Interregional Inequality in the United States
Seminar Room 3.B3.SR01
03/10/2019 h.12.30
Solar Radiation Management Termination: knowing when to start by knowing when to stop
Seminar room 5.E4.SR04
05/09/2019 h.12.30
The Impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami on Aceh’s Long-Term Economic Growth
Seminar room 2.E4.SR03
06/06/2019 h.12.30
Governing climate engineering: Insights from a public good or bad experiment
20/05/2019 h.12.30
From Water Cops to Smart Meters: an Experiment on Water Conservation Policy in the New Era of Automated Enforcement
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