15/10/2020 h.14.30
Business models for financing Circular Economy
Circular Economy is a key dimension of the European Green Deal to overcome the Covid-19 emergency through the mobilization of funds provided by Next Generation EU. This is the focus of the workshop organized by GEO and Sustainable Finance Forum in collaboration with the European Commission. read
Challenges and opportunities of smart innovation
In a rapidly changing market environment, the cutting-edge experiences of some European cities highlight the positive effects (but also some critical points) resulting from technological innovation and new services ecosystems for the development of a more sustainable and efficient mobility. Interview to Gabriele Grea read
The real costs of electric mobility
According to experts, the cost differential compared to endothermic motor vehicles, mainly due to the cost of batteries, will be reduced over time until it will be eliminated. However, this dynamic is likely to be affected by regulations, technological developments and consumers' choises. Interview to Oliviero Baccelli read
The electric mobility revolution
Innovation and sustainablity are at the heart of new initiatives on public transport, focusing on services as well. Have a look at the latest issue of Via Sarfatti 25, with an editorial by Oliviero Baccelli read
Alitalia leaves Malpensa and bets on Linate
Interview to Oliviero Baccelli, MEMIT Director read
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