Our Mission
GREEN aims to conduct and promote research at the intersection of the spatial of socio-economic phenomena and of climate change, transportation, environmental policy and energy markets.

News & Events

Bocconi University
27/11/2020 h.09.00
How to Achieve SDGs Through Local Action
GREEN-UERA International Conference. Submission deadline: 30 June 2020
17/09/2020 h.17.00
Air Pollution, Sustainable Mobility and Consumers' Transport Habits
Webinar by Altroconsumo with the Scientific Support of GREEN Bocconi
The Future? The Circular Economy
Cities are playing an increasing role in global competition. The choices of where to live and place production activities are no longer focused on countries, but on cities. In this context, Milan is the only true global city in Italy. Article by Edoardo Croci
The Hidden Evil
Not only bars. "Many companies are no longer in the production line." Interview to Marco Percoco